Enchanting Dream

I had a dream: I was flipped out and stood there
Surrounded by obscenity-a-funfair.
The stalls are bent with mountains of persuasions
Being sold out with honest inspirations.
They've exiled truth as if it was a leper,
They've branded conscience as a mortal sin.
I sell myself, they sell me all together,
Men, women, children dance this Devil's swing.

Everything's being sold - their friends and brothers,
There's no more fear of the forthcoming God's wrath.
Their wives are doomed for devilry concerning,
And at the stake they stand and watch them burning.
Experiments with their beloved children
So terrible - no doctor ever heals them.
Here nuclear jam is made with witch's patience,
And all the stuff for drug-intoxication.

And all the promises they give are trick here,
You're given water persuaded it is liquor.
And all the rivers make their way to desert
As if they strive to find their last resort.
But roses of prosperity - just face it -
In poverty of wasteland fail to grow.
Enchanting dream...

The holy war for friendship and for world peace
Became the fight for shadows and for service.
Those thieves not caught, regarded as the warriors,
Sell out the swords of nation's noble glory.
Yesterday's fathers - stitches in the knitting
Sell their Fatherland and have no pity.
They drug themselves and leave their minds with no chance,
All's led astray - the blankets buy the orphans.
And as the world is drowning in confusion
They show their perfect skill and sell illusions.

When night falls down the trucks in their slow motion
Exterminate ideals as abortions.
The castles full of memories and dark fire,
They shine again with radiance of barbwire.
Incarcerated there publicity
Sings her lament for erstwhile vanity.
I'll do my best, I'll make the final breakthru
So that "enchanting" dream could never come true!

The Clouds

Teardrops falling -
Distant rain is calling.
Rooftop, windows,
Only you are speechless.
See your suffer,
Words not coming out of doubts.
Rooftop, upper
Lurking gently in the clouds.

Silence, listen -
I just want to hear some...
Higher, faster
Open up your eyes and see.
Wonder, fancy -
I can't find the answer.
Seeing nothing
I am looking at the clouds.

Silent, patient -
What has happened?
Will we ever,
Will we ever see the clouds?

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